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A grammar geek, Spanish speaker and writer of fiction, I just can’t get enough of words. Or teaching others how to use them. And whilst I wouldn’t change that for the world, it does come at a price …

In the same way that someone with perfect pitch will cringe at a note sung a semi-tone flat, I can’t help but wince at poor grammar or a misused word. If I could get away with it, I’d keep a permanent marker pen on me at all times to amend signs the country over – how I long to graffiti apostrophes, not to mention making ‘less’ ‘fewer’, or turning ‘amount’ to ‘number’.

(And if I’ve lost you at this point, follow this blog to find out just what I mean!)

Once a tour leader in South America, an interpreter in Spain, and a private tutor for a renowned billionaire, I’ve brought all my passions and experience together to form EAStuition and, as an extension of such, this blog.

What I intend with my posts, aside from education, is to spread the language love. (And if, in the process, I can convert just one reader to punctuation pedantry, my work here will be done.)


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