The Right Direction

Who’d have thought One Direction would inspire me to do anything, let alone write a blog post?

Until a few days ago, I can’t say I’d given band member Harry Styles any thought at all, but since his pleasingly geeky behaviour at a concert last week, I’m now his number one fan.

Thanks to Harry, One Direction’s definitely moving things in the right direction as far as I’m concerned, and I’m not talking music. I mean their use of GRAMMAR. Or more specifically, apostrophes.

During a concert in Philadelphia last week, Harry came to the front of the stage and pointed into the audience – not at a girl he liked the look of but at a banner he didn’t.

Much to the girl’s surprise, and that of hundreds of fans, Harry beckoned the banner forth, took out a marker pen and, like a pedant with an itch to scratch, set about fixing the poor use of grammar.

She’d written: Hi Harry! Your so nice heart

To which the pop star retorted ‘you’re so nice’, correcting the possessive pronoun ‘your’ to ‘you’re’, the abbreviated form of ‘you are’.


(Perhaps it would have been taking things too far if he’d gone the whole hog and added a comma between ‘Hi’ and ‘Harry’, and proper punctuation after ‘nice’!)

The look on his face said it all as he held up the amended banner. Harry Styles, international star and teenage heart-throb, managed to put the ‘mm’ back in grammar and prove just how much apostrophes rock.

Harry 2

I’d never normally put the shape of a heart in place of punctuation, but on this occasion, I’ll make an exception … I’m seeing Harry in a brand new light heart


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